Best Font For Advertising

If you’re looking to find out the best fonts to use in advertising, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the most effective fonts to use in advertising. 

The font is significant in advertising and you should never fall into the trap of rushing an ad campaign without considering important design elements such as font! 

Let’s dive into the best fonts to use in advertising to suit your needs! 

Sonder Sans 

Sonder Sans is a great font for advertising because of its throwback quality! It has two different versions, with serif and sans serif having slightly different appeals. 

If you’re advertising vintage or retro products, this is the perfect font for your ad campaign! It will give off the vintage style and using this font, you will make your ad feel both unique and antique!

It has a very specific look which will make your advertisement stand out and be memorable from the rest! 


Helvetica is a great font to use in advertising. It is one that a lot of ad designers use because it is so clear and versatile. It can be used anywhere and works great in videos.

If you are planning a campaign that spans across multiple platforms, Helvetica is a great font to use. This is because it is versatile and will work across all platforms. 

There are lots of different options of the Helvetica font so there is no doubt that you will find one that works well with your ad. 


This font is very authoritative and it will add grace to your advertising campaign. This font will put you above the rest of the industry as it is very solid and reliable.

It will make your brand seem very legitimate and highly authoritative so you can’t lose out with this font! 

It is a great one to use if you are making video advertisements that might be quite dense to penetrate. For instance, insurance or accounting might use this font in this way.

It is easy to read and doesn’t feel overly complicated. With this font, you should make sure that your advertisements match the font, being clear and informative! 


Some companies like to use Arial as their font in their advertisements. This font is very professional, and there is no way that your customer will struggle to interpret what it is being shown in this way.

While this font is very professional and clean, it can feel quite unapproachable, making the company feel quite distant and cold to the reader. 


This font is very classic and so it highlights a sense of quality that a font like Arial would not portray. This will work well for expensive and classy products because they come with an air of quality.

For example, cars and designer clothing sell well when they are advertised with the Baskerville font.

It isn’t a very modern font, so if your company is trying to portray a modern feel, this isn’t the font for you. 

Hipster Script Pro 

This font is widely used in lots of advertising campaigns. It is often used to tell a funny story because it is a cursive font.

It will let your viewers know that you have thought through your advert and put time and energy into it. 

Cursive fonts are individual and innovative. They are also very approachable and personable. 


Gotham is a great font for advertising. It is modem and very elegant which makes it very powerful. Using this font will make your advert very popular.

This font was initially created for the front of the GQ magazine. This font will make your advert stand out from the rest and it is very eye catching. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Rules For The Best Advertising Fonts? 

There are a couple of general rules for the best advertising fonts. Your fonts will change depending on the type of advertising that you are doing.

If you are writing for printed materials, then you should go for a serif font. If you are writing for a digital advertisement, you should opt for a sans serif font. 

You should also make sure that you don’t compromise the users ability to read what you have written because of the choice of font. Make sure to choose a font that is legible, no matter what style you want to go for.

Why Do Fonts Matter?

Whatever font you choose for your advertisement will have a huge impact on the way that your audience will perceive the brand. This matters because you want your audience to believe in your brand.

When your audience reads your advert, it is very important to consider what they will see and how they will interpret the information. Choose your font wisely!

What Else Should You Consider When You Are Creating An Advert? 

When creating an ad for your audience, there are a few things that you should bear in mind. Each person will only read around seven to nine letters before they will lose interest or need to take a break.

This is so that they can take in the words that they are being told. Your reader needs time to visually process the words that are on the page. 

Do Fonts Impact Human Emotions? 

Fonts do impact human emotions. The best ads have a very simple and easy to read font. They will also be laid out very well. Well-designed ads are very important and the font used has a very important effect on the success of the advert.

Fonts have the power to invoke emotions in people, and this is why they are such a powerful advertising tool. Make sure to choose the font on your advertising wisely! 

Final Thoughts 

There are many different options for font choice when it comes to advertising. A lot of things come into play when you are choosing your font.

Consider the style of your advert, the format of your advert and your target audience.

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