What Are The Options For Filtering Data In Google Analytics?

An important and popular part of online statistics gathering, Google Analytics has many uses for companies looking to monitor their own website traffic, and to see where their shortcomings might lie.  But what exactly is Google Analytics, and what are the options for filtering the data therein?  What Is Google Analytics?  Google Analytics is a

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What Are Unique Visitors?

When it comes to understanding the popularity, demographics, and engagement of your website, there are perhaps no greater identifiers than unique visitors.  But what exactly are unique visitors, and how can they be useful to business owners?  What Is A Unique Visitor?  As its name might suggest, a unique visitor is a person visiting your

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What Is Page Authority?

Digital marketing can be a bit of an overwhelming thing to understand because there are so many elements you have to take into consideration before you map out your plan.  One of the most important parts of digital marketing that can sometimes be overlooked is Page Authority (PA). If you’re new to digital marketing, you

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