Does Google Ads Really Work? [Worth Your Investment?]

Making money online is a tricky affair. Sometimes people do it through donations, sometimes people do it by being independently funded for the purpose of keeping an online presence open.

Does Google Ads Really Work? [Worth Your Investment?]

However, the most common way of making money online is to be paid by advertisers.

This used to be difficult to do, but Google has made it much easier to get paid for advertisements by working with them through the use of Google AdSense.

With this, many businesses, small and big, and even independent website owners make money by advertising on websites to those visiting them.

Yet, is Google AdSense good? Does it really work for the investment you put into the advert, or is it a bit of a red herring?

In this article, we seek to explore Google Ads and see whether they are worth the time for the businesses that advertise through it.

What Is Google Ads?

First, let’s take a step back and look at what exactly is Google Ads.

Basically, Google Ads is an online advertising platform, where you can pay the larger company of Google to show your ads on affiliated websites, the Google search engine, YouTube, and any other website or app associated with Google.

There are some restrictions to this, as the website or app has to be affiliated with Google in that they have agreed to have ads shown on their site on content – normally through the use of Google AdSense.

It usually works on a PPC or Pay Per Click basis.

This means that your ads will be placed upon a site and when someone clicks on that advert, you will then pay the person displaying your advert a fee.

This fee is usually worked out prior with the website owner or through a bidding system, but it isn’t that high per click.

Normally, the website, searches, videos, or apps you will be placing our ads on, around, or within will be something that relates to your advert specifically.

For example, if you were advertising a makeup product, you would probably have the advert on a beauty influencer’s website.

Since there are millions of websites and almost as many advertisers, a bidding system has been created to make sure everyone can advertise where they want to.

Let’s make an example to show this. Say, you are advertising a new kind of TV.

To advertise it, you would bid on keywords that you want your TV associated with – like ‘Best, new TV’.

The bid you make on those keywords will be compared to other advertisers bids when someone searches for something relating to your product or (in the case of a website) when someone goes on to a relevant website.

If your bid is the most relevant to the search or website, your advert will be shown.

If the user clicks the advert you made, they will be redirected to your website, and you will be charged a fee.

There are other things that affect the showing of your advert on Google apart from the relevancy and the bid, like location, user preferences, and other metrics, but bid amount is normally the most pertinent factor.

Does Google Ads Really Work?

Yes, it absolutely does. Google Ads has become so widely used, due to its success not only for Google and the people who use AdSense, but the advertisers themselves.

In order to show this, we will do a breakdown of what Google Ads affects:

Google is enormous. To say there are billions of searches a day is still a bit of an understatement and when you work with the largest search engine in the world, no matter how few people are searching that day, you are going to still get some attention to your adverts.

Does Google Ads Really Work? [Worth Your Investment?]

As such, when you get your campaign approved and all the bureaucratic stuff is worked out, then you will begin to see traffic to your advert campaign.

We are not talking about days or hours either, you will see this traffic on the linked website to your advert in minutes.

The only thing that might cause a snag in this is if you have put in keywords that are not relevant to your ad campaign, but, if you have, you simply put them in, get the maximum bid, and then watch as the traffic increases.

If people like the product you are selling and the advertising you are doing, this means that you can potentially start making sales on the same day you began your campaign

Since most campaigns can take months to show results, this is an absolutely enormous plus and since there are no contracts or marketing commitments, you can end your campaign when you want, and you don’t have to spend more money if you don’t want to.

Ever-Increasing Potential

There are millions of keywords to bid on and millions more combinations of keywords to bid on.

Since every person is different and their way of writing is different, this means that you can keep adding new keywords to your campaign in the hopes of snaring some more people looking at your adverts.

The audience is always growing and basically unlimited, so if some keywords are not working for you, then you can stop using them and try a new set of keywords.

If your revenue increases as well, you can increase the amount you spend on keywords in general.

By doing this, you can purchase more keywords and increase your reach to Google’s audience and, potentially, attract more customers to your site through adverts.

You Get Access To Google’s Analytics

Google runs an impressive array of advanced analytical software, and you have access to a few of these analytics when you use Google Ads.

The analytics can tell you everything you need to know about your campaign and how well it is doing.

They cover the statistical data for the average cost per click to you, the advert position on the sites, the keywords and how well clicks generated from these are doing, and they even cover the conversion rate from the keywords themselves.

This is incredibly helpful, and it means you can adjust your campaign on the fly to increase your monetary gain.

If a keyword is doing really well for your campaign, and you haven’t got much money bid on it, you can look at the analytics and increase your spending on it, while also dropping other keywords that are not doing so well.

If your campaign is tanking and all your keywords are doing poorly, you can cut your losses and start over by picking new keywords, redesigning your advert, or even just cutting the campaign entirely.

However, you would only know that the campaign did poorly through the use of these analytics.


As you can see, Google Ads are very useful to advertisers and can actually increase your sales tenfold.

Not only does the ad campaign through Google Ads start the moment it is approved, the sales do too.

You can track your ads easily without having to pay through the nose or constantly to a marketing company, which really helps to put your business well into the black rather than have it in the red.

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