Facebook Advertising Strategies: 12 Facebook Pay Per Click Ideas For High-Roi Campaigns

Facebook has quickly become one of the most popular and effective ways to market your business. With new and interesting ideas for promotions, your ideas can quickly be drowned out by everyone else fighting for their space on the platform. 

Facebook Advertising Strategies 12 Facebook Pay Per Click Ideas For High-Roi Campaigns

Facebook serves as a pay-per-click advertising medium. This implies that you will be charged each time one of your adverts is clicked. Additionally, you may have to pay in accordance with metrics like video views and ad impressions.

In this article, we have 12 Facebook Pay-Per-Click ideas for high ROI. You can create exciting PPC campaigns that help your business stand out from the crowd. Keep reading to find out more. 

1. New Ad Placements 

Facebook has various places where you can display your ads, including Instagram. All of which come with different price tags for each placement.

You may think it beneficial to place your ads where there is a low cost-per-click price but this may not provide you with the results you want. 

To determine which Facebook ad location offers the lowest cost-per-conversion and the highest ROI, you can test out several places.

New Ad Placements 

There are currently nine different Facebook ad placements for you to try. Including:

  • The Righthand Column
  • Facebook Mobile Newsfeed
  • Facebook Desktop Newsfeed
  • Instagram Feed
  • Instagram Stories
  • Facebook Audience Network 

2. Facebook Ads & Google Ads Together

While Facebook Ads and Google Ads are owned and run by separate companies, you can combine the tools that each offer and gain even better results. 

Combining the tools of multiple Ad agencies is an effective strategy when it comes to PPC. 

Step 1: Target a cold audience on Facebook Ads. Audiences from Facebook Saved or Lookalike audiences allow you to introduce a product through an ad and see how it will perform before hitting the live market. 

Step 2: A person will be added to your remarketing funnel as soon as they click on your Facebook advertisement. It’s now time to build a remarketing audience in your AdWords account by logging in.

Step 3: Create a Remarketing List Search Ads (RSLA) campaign through Google Ads. This will allow you to outbid your competitors without losing funds to cold leads. 

Step 4: When a potential customer who has already visited your website searches on Google for a keyword relating to your product, your Google ad appears as the first result.

Step 5: The potential customer clicks on your Google Ad, completes a purchase and becomes a customer. 

3. Facebook Ads & Content Marketing 

It is recommended that 80% of your resources go toward content promotion and only 20% toward content generation in your content marketing strategy.

When you launch a new product or blog article, it is important to promote your creation. Otherwise, no one will know that it exists meaning there will be no sales. 

You should put a lot of your efforts into promoting your product to ensure it is a success, especially through social media. 

4. A/B Tests 

No matter which of the various Facebook Advertising Strategies you use, you should always use Facebook ads split testing to test out various campaign components and see what performs best.

To get started, we recommend testing the different Facebook audiences. This will allow you to create your ad campaigns accordingly to gain the best results. 

Once you have determined your Facebook audience you can begin to play with the ad design itself. You may want to test different looking ads to find out which one is preferred. 

5. Facebook Marketing Funnel 

Depending on where they are in your marketing funnel, the Facebook users you are targeting may have quite different interests and levels of education.

Your Facebook marketing tunnel should begin with 4 layers: 

  • Attracting non-potential leads
  • Converting them into potential leads
  • Closing deals with loads
  • Satisfying your customers

As your business grows, you can begin to expand your Facebook marketing funnel or create a new one for every offer you make. 

6. Target Your Competitions Audience 

While being a small business in a market where larger companies dominate the market can be scary, you can make it work to your advantage. 

You have the ability to target their audience and gain some new customers. 

Create a Facebook Saved Audience and add the names of your rival brands to the Interests section to target the fans of those businesses.

As this audience is already familiar with the types of products you are selling, you just have t ensure them that yours is the best. 

7. Remarketing 

Cold audiences can be reached with display advertising and Facebook Saved Audience targeting during the Awareness stage of your marketing funnel. The leads who have already seen your website will be far more receptive to your sales messages.

When trying to reach the potential customers who enter your marketing funnel, you are going to want to use remarketing methods more often than not. 

8. Increase Facebook Page Likes 

Gaining more Facebook page likes can be difficult if you have not set clear, attainable goals. Gaining likes just for the sake of likes is not going to work long-term. 

Your goals may be: 

  • To reach more people organically 
  • Use your campaigns to make their own organic referrals. 

And making a Facebook Like campaign is super simple!

Simply go to the Facebook Ads Manager and choose the “Engagement” objective. Then select the “Page Likes” objective. 

The ad itself is the most crucial component of your Facebook Like campaign because it must grab attention in order for users to click the “like” button. So, be creative and have fun creating your ads. 

9. Explore Facebook Lead Ads 

You have to move consumers from one level of your Facebook marketing funnel to the next. Utilizing Facebook Lead Ads as part of your PPC campaign is one of the finest methods to go about it.

Using Lead Ads instead of Facebook Ads will your audience to download your content and input their contact information, without having to leave the platform and be directed somewhere else. 

10. Video Ad Campaign 

With over 500 million Facebook users watching Facebook videos daily, it is no wonder that is now one of the most used methods for Ad campaigns. 

The video ad ideas are endless, regardless of if you are marketing for B2B or B2C audiences. 

11. Limited-Time Offers 

Often customers can take some time debating and comparing your product to your competitors. Make your product more desirable by offering them a short-term discount. This makes your product of better value and diminishes the time to debate. 

Your customers won’t want to miss out on your amazing offers. 

12. Improve Retention 

If you are inactive or simply do not input enough effort into your promotional activities and your ad campaigns, you could lose more customers than you gain. 

You want to keep your customers happy and ensure that they never forget your business. 

Whether you are informing them of a new product or simply want their feedback, ensure you are in your customer’s minds at all times. This can be done by sharing valuable content that is helpful for your audience. 

Final Thoughts 

Entering the world of online promotion, SEO, and PPC ads can be overwhelming. Make it simple with this helpful guide. 

We explain 12 of the best Facebook PPC ad ideas to help boost your business’s ROI. Take your time to look through them all and select which ones will work best for your business.

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