How Can Ad Extensions Contribute To Increasing User Engagement?

If you’re using Google Ad extensions, you’ll want to know how they can help your business. Luckily, we can help you.

Ad extensions can increase your user engagement by driving sales online, in-person, or over the phone. They build awareness of your business and influence the consideration of both your products and services.

How Can Ad Extensions Contribute to Increasing User Engagement?

What Is An Ad Extension?

An ad extension shows extra business information with your ad, giving your audience more reasons to choose your business. These extensions include call buttons, information on your location, and links to specific pages on your website.

Several extensions are available, and we’ll tell you more about how they can help in this article. 

How Do You Use Ad Extensions?

Ad extensions work by maximizing the performance of text ads. Google Ads will select which extensions are best for each search.

Utilizing these extensions can help your business, as you know they’ll closely relate to what your customer is searching for. 

You can add ad extensions manually or automatically. Manual extensions mean you’ll have to set them up, while Google automatically adds automated extensions.

That’s because Google Ads predict how they’ll improve your ad performance. They won’t appear as an option when creating your manual extension.

When a user’s search triggers your ad, Google Ads will factor in what the user’s keyword intent is. If the extension is likely to enhance your performance, it will automatically be added.

However, you can also disable them if you want to focus on manual extensions.

What Other Types Of Ad Extensions Are There?

You can add your extensions manually or automatically, and you should know what features they will show on your SERPs. So, let’s go into a bit more detail.

Location Extensions

Location extensions will tell your audience where your location is. They’ll link you to a map so they can see how far away your business is and how they can get there.

These are incredibly useful if your company has a location that needs in-person transactions.

Product Extensions

If you rely on selling an item, you’ll find that using product extensions will link directly to your site’s items. However, to do this, you need to ensure that your product is linked to your Google Merchant account.

It’s not ideal if you only sell one or two products, but if you have a variety, it can help a lot.

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions will direct users to other pages on your website, so they can help the user decide where they want to go. You’ll find that below your ad, they will link to another page on your sites, such as an FAQ or a contact page.

Seller Extensions

Seller ratings will show your audience if your site is trustworthy. Looking at these may increase the trust your customers may have in your business.

Callout Extensions

Callout extensions are also helpful if you want to highlight essential selling points. Utilizing these, you’ll be able to highlight what you’re selling and give more information on your business.

Structured snippets can also highlight specific products your users may be looking for.

Call Extensions

Call extensions can allow users to call you directly for the ad. If your audience uses a cell phone, they can contact you immediately through Google. You can then track the value of your ads by how many phone calls you will receive.

Affiliate Extensions

Affiliate location extensions can help companies sell their products through third-party retailers. Users can also use them to find nearby stores that sell your items.

How Can Ad Extensions Contribute to Increasing User Engagement?

Price Extensions

There are also price extensions that can set cost expectations immediately. That allows more transparency with your customers.

App Extensions

If you have an app, you can include it as an app extension to make it easier for customers to download. However, you won’t find these on your desktop pages.

Promotion Extensions

Promotion extensions can highlight any sales and promotions on your site and may appear with a price tag. 

Lead Extensions

There are lead form extensions that they can fill out on the ad, so they can give the details to you without going to your site.

Video And Image Extensions 

Some videos may also have video extensions included. They can appear below your video ad and extend the message below the video. You can say the same for image extensions, which appear next to text ads to drive performance.

What Is The Main Benefit Of Using Ad Extensions?

Ad extensions are a great way to benefit your Google Ads campaigns. They’ll improve your visibility on SERPs, improve the rank, and thus provide a higher incentive for your users to click your ad.

Because of that, you’ll have a higher clickthrough rate and find a higher chance of getting visitors to your site. 

That means you’ll have an improved return on your investment because you will earn the costs back with the extension. As an additional benefit, your copy will have better quality on your ad and an improved quality score

Why Do Ad Extensions Matter?

There are many reasons that ad extensions matter: they attract more clicks to your ad. You’ll be able to show more pertinent information about how you can get them to contact you, and they’ll be able to find out if it aligns with their interests. 

If you have manual extensions, you can decide which one you would prefer to appear. However, automated extensions will give you less control over what ad extension is shown. So, if you want to optimize your extensions personally, it can be a weakness. 

Final Thoughts

Ad extensions are vital to improving your SERPs. They’re essential to grow user engagement and improve your click-through rate.

Ad extensions can be added automatically or manually, so if you want to set up a specific one, you will have to do so manually. If you want to use them, they can be done easily, and you should get more customers interacting with you in no time.

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