How Do You Know Your Google Ads Are Working? (Explained)

Google Ads can prove to be an incredibly effective and potent way to reach new customers, especially considering just how many people make use of Google on a daily basis.

But simply using the Google Ads platform is not enough, you need to make sure that your ad campaigns are also effective and clear, to reach the audience you want.

How Do You Know Your Google Ads Are Working (Explained)

But how do you actually know if your Google Ads campaign is any good? How do you know that your ads are effective, and most of all that they are working as they should? Is there a way to gauge the metrics of your Google Ads?

If you have found yourself fretting over any number of these questions, then allow us to allay your worries, as we set out to provide all of the answers that you have been looking for! Read on down below to get started!

How Do You Know Your Google Ads Are Working?

Of course, it’s very important to find out whether a specific Google Ads campaign is working, as you don’t want to spend countless dollars on an advertising campaign that yields no new viewers or customers. 

Check The Performance Of Your Website/Store

One of the first ways you can gauge the success of your Google Ads campaign is to take a look at your business or website and how things have changed since implementing your new ads.

Have you had an increase in traffic to your website since you started the ad campaign? Perhaps you have had an increase in customer orders and queries.

You should usually see the positive impacts of a Google Ads campaign right away, such as increased traffic to your website and even an increase in customer orders.

If you notice that there has barely been a change in your website metrics since launching your Google Ads campaign, then you should aim to pull that ad campaign before you spend much more.

Check Impressions

As important as it is to check the performance metrics of your Google Ads campaign, it is perhaps more important to check out the number of impressions that your Google Ads are making. 

Before anyone even visits your website via an ad, they will first need to actually see your ads. Whenever a single internet user sees your ad, such as when they search a relevant query into Google, that will show up as an extra impression in your metrics. 

If you notice that your website is not performing any better after starting a significant ad campaign, then it may be worth checking that your ads are making enough impressions.

Without healthy impressions, your ad campaigns will never prove successful, and will not bring you the new customers that you seek. 

Check Your Click-Through Rate

Another useful metric that you can depend on to gauge the success of a Google Ads campaign is to check out the click-through rate. This is the rate at which website visitors see your ads and then decide to click on them, sending traffic to your website. 

If you have a high number of impressions showing up in your metrics, but you worry that not enough people are actually engaged by your ads, then you may want to take a good look at your click-through rate.

How Do You Know Your Google Ads Are Working (Explained) (1)

This will help you to get a sense of whether people are enticed by your ads. 

This could also explain a potential disparity if you notice that there is a high rate of impressions, but a surprisingly low rate of engagement with your website. 

Make sure not to be discouraged by your click-through rate. These rates can vary massively from business to business and from campaign to campaign. Even campaigns with slightly lower click-through rates can prove to be successful.

Check Your Highest Performing Keywords And Headlines

Using the Google Ads platform, you can very easily check the performance of specific keywords used in your ad campaigns, in order to get an idea of the kinds of things that people are searching for on Google before they are met with your ads. 

Google Ads will allow you to see which keywords prove the most effective so that you can then figure out which keywords you should specifically target with future ad campaigns.

This can also help you to make quick adjustments to existing ad campaigns so that you can then incorporate the keywords that have proven most effective.

This can help to save you money, and allows you to leverage one of the best things about Google Ads, being that you can edit your ad campaigns on the fly as and when you need to. 

How Do You Improve Your Google Ads Campaigns?

There are actually numerous useful things you can do to help improve the success of your Google Ads campaigns. Let’s take a look at some of them now!

Create Compelling Copy

First impressions are totally key when it comes to advertising online. One of the best ways that you can help to make your Google Ads campaigns more effective is to ensure that your ads are compelling.

Towards this end, you will want to ensure that you create engaging ad copy that is short and to the point.

You want to ensure that you highlight the USPs of your products or services so that your potential customers are never confused about what you are selling.

This also helps to reduce hesitation when it comes to them purchasing your products or services, which in turn leads to more loyal customers and more sales.

Test Your Ad Copy

Google Ads actually makes it very easy to test out your ad campaigns before they become official. This is by using the Split Test, in which you create different versions of the same ad, and then release them all simultaneously.

This allows you to then see which version of the ad copy proved the most successful, which in turn then allows you to see which keywords work best!

This can all help to save you money on your ad campaigns and guarantee success from the beginning. 

Check Your Quality Score

Part of creating compelling ads with Google Ads is making use of the right keywords. But how do you check that the keywords you are using are just right? 

Google Ads will automatically grade your keywords with a quality score so that you can then get a sense of how effective each keyword is.

Each keyword is given a score from 0 to 10, and it is gauged based on the relevance and quality of the keywords, as well as the likelihood that someone will click on the advertisement.

If you notice that your keywords are ranking with low scores, then you may want to swap them around for slightly stronger keywords.

To Wrap Up

There you have it! Those are just some of the many ways that you can find out if your Google Ads are working and reaching the right audience, and also a number of ways that you can help your ads to more easily reach the audience you want!

Using Google Ads can be a great way to achieve success online, but you need to make sure that you use the tools just right in order to get the most out of them!

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