KPI Tools – Reporting Software To Track, Monitor & Share KPIs

KPIs are a selection of quantifiable measurements that can help you determine your company’s long-term performance.

These key performance indicators indicate your company’s financial, strategic, and operational achievements, especially compared to competing businesses. 

KPI Tools - Reporting Software To Track, Monitor & Share KPIs

But there are many key performance indicators to watch, but it can sometimes feel overwhelming. As your business grows, you have many more KPIs to watch out for, so the best way to do that is through KPI tools.

These types of software can help you track, monitor, and share your KPIs across your business to keep everything transparent with your colleagues. 

What KPIs Should Businesses Be Tracking?

Even with dozens of KPIs available, you can quickly become overwhelmed when looking at everything at once. So, there are five key performance indicators that you should keep an eye out for: 

Revenue Growth

Revenue growth is a KPI that measures how your sales are averaging over time. You can see where they are increasing and decreasing. As a whole, companies tend to calculate their revenue growth once a year or after each season.

Revenue Per Client

Revenue per client is sometimes classed as average revenue per user. This KPI can assist you to help you understand how much revenue each of your clients is generating.

Understanding this KPI can help you know how difficult it can be to lose a customer. 

Profit Margin

The profit margin KPI will measure your company’s performance and how the expenses and earnings measure up. If you have a higher profit margin, then you are efficient at keeping low costs to produce your company’s revenue.

By measuring your profit margin, you can see where your profits are going and determine where your money is going after you’ve spent it.

Client Retention Rate

Client retention or customer retention will measure how well your company retains customers over an extended period and how you generate recurring revenue from them.

Your client retention can help you understand how long your customers are staying and whether there’s something that is preventing them from staying. 

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction KPIs are exactly as they sound. You measure your customers’ ratings and divide that number by the number of responses.

Then you need to multiply that number by 100. Your customer satisfaction is essential to your success. You can use your results to improve your client retention rate and revenue per client. 

What Are KPI Tools?

KPI tools can help your business track, monitor, and share insights from KPIs. Companies and businesses need to keep on their toes to stay relevant.

The software has been developed to help you stay up to date with your performance indicators. Let’s take a look at KPI tools.

Benefits Of KPI Tools

There’s no doubt that KPI tools can help you in numerous ways. So here are some of the benefits of how you can utilize them to help your business succeed. 

Interact With Your Data

You can use KPI tools to view and interact with your data. You can see each KPI on a custom chart, so you can interact with it however you want.

When you’ve connected your data sources, you can efficiently perform analysis and visualize it on your own. You can assess whether your operations can deliver the expected results by monitoring and measuring your KPIs.

It makes it easier to keep track of your business operations and performance so you can strategize how to improve on it.

Complex Data Analyses

Modern tools will help you perform complex data analyses, regardless of the type. You can store all of your data in one place with your KPI tools so that you can analyze multiples at one time.

Making custom charts with only a few clicks, you can track your KPIs related to each department. 

Multiple Viewpoints

You don’t have to look at your KPIs from one angle. Viewing them from multiple angles can improve your business. Your KPI dashboard can show your data from different periods to see where you went wrong.

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Professional Dashboards

Through these dashboards, you can gather all the information you need to enhance your business through goals.

You can place all these KPIs together to extract advanced insights, and you can interact with them in different ways. It’s a great tool to examine where your KPIs are succeeding and where they’re falling short.

Report Sharing

Share your reports from any device, as long as you have an internet connection. All you need to do is share a link, and the recipient can explore the data independently.

If you just need to send a PDF, you can do that too. Set up a schedule and send your reports at any point to whoever needs to see them.

Utilize A.I. And Predictive Analysis

They can also implement A.I. and use predictive analysis to see how your future performance will look. These can increase your performance and help productivity, as using technology will only save you more time. 

However, all KPI tools are different. There are so many other software available, but the above sections all contain examples of how you can best utilize these tools. 

Why Are KPI Tools Important?

KPI tools work best in a collaborative environment, as the data should be easy to access and read by everyone. Humans respond best to visual stimulation, so you should use these to keep your business insight transparent.

Everyone can suggest improvements, and each person can implement their strategies in their department.

These work best because they offer real-time data, so you don’t have to filter through every file. It makes the entire process much faster, and because it’s done through A.I., it offers more speed and accuracy than if you did this yourself.

Just interact with the dashboard to find what you need, and discuss what you see with your colleagues. You can remove anything unnecessary, so if you think the data isn’t relevant, you can monitor the metrics you want to analyze.

KPI tools are essential to the success of your business, as feedback is essential when you use them. If you want to improve your company’s performance, you can do so quickly using online visuals, as it’s much easier to understand. 

Recommended KPI Tools 

Numerous KPI dashboards are available online, with many requiring an easy setup and organized by a trustworthy provider. Here are some examples of our recommended KPI dashboards:


Scoro is easy to use and can be integrated with current software. You can track everything you need on one system and oversee all of your company’s performance.

The dashboard is easily customized, and each user is given different permissions depending on your preferences.


Datapine allows you to monitor and visualize your KPIs in a single area. Along with the standard dashboard features, Datapine will allow you to discover new relationships and trends to assist your business decisions.


Tableau helps massive corporations analyze their data. Designed for larger businesses, it allows external partners and clients access to its data. You don’t need to create new accounts or add new users.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, KPI tools are essential to the successful growth of your business. They can make monitoring and analyzing your data much more accessible than if you were to do so manually.

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