What Are PPC Optimizations? – How To Optimize PPC Campaigns And Calculate The Right Bid

With technological advancements over the decades, businesses and in particular, marketing departments, have been able to change up the way they are operating in terms of advertising strategies.

PPC, or pay per click, is one of the most utilized advertising strategies and allows the business huge amounts of control over their advertising. 

What Are PPC Optimizations - How To Optimize PPC Campaigns And Calculate The Right Bid

Indeed, as you can target specific markets and specific demographics, PPC is something you should consider. But there are various steps you need to take when it comes to PPC advertising. 

Optimizing and calculating the right bid will be critical. But how do you do this? While there is no “right” bid, there are things you can do to ensure you don’t pay too much. 

This guide will examine this and tell you exactly what you need to know.

Read on for more. 

What Is PPC Optimization?

PPC optimization is the process in which you will analyze an already existing PPC campaign in order to increase and improve the reach. You can do this by making some alterations to your campaign.

This can be through its settings, the structure of the ad group, the keywords and the landing pages. Essentially, what you’re looking to do is improve and increase the visibility of your product or services via paid search engine results. 

PPC campaign optimization zones in on the targeting of keywords that are relevant to your product or service. It looks to maximize your clicks while reducing the costs of your clicks (also known as CPC). 

On top of this, it will also be looking to increase the click through rate (also shown as CTR) and ultimately improve the ROI (return on investment) – which it can do in many ways, but primarily by reducing the overall advertising cost

PPC optimization can help several groups of people, but primarily it helps Ecommerce stores, B2B (business to business) software marketing. It helps to generate targeted and the best leads. 

By doing so, it will boost your overall online presence and exposure and display your ads in more areas. 

How To Win PPC Ad Bidding 

We’re now going to look through how you can get the best out of your optimizing and bidding, which should ultimately lead to an increased ROI percentage. 

1. Optimize Your Keywords 

Many PPC ad campaigns fail due to the wrong keywords or poor planning processes towards their keywords. Resultedly, your ads will not come up on Google when potential customers search for whatever they’re looking for. 

Improved optimization will vastly improve your traffic, and can lead to far more clicks. This will help you understand the correct bid to make.

High Performance Keywords 

When you have a huge list of keywords you could potentially use, it can often be difficult to know which ones to choose. 

However, many experts employ the 80/20 rule. This is essentially where you place your focus on 20% of the best performing keywords and this will drive 80% of your overall results. 

The choice for these keywords will come down to things like clicks, costs, conversions etc. Ultimately though, the decision comes down to you. 

Create The Opposite List 

While there are high performance keywords, there will also be negative keywords. These are essentially words that are irrelevant to your target audience. 

You should create a separate list of negative keywords to reflect this and move from there, to ensure that nobody lands on the site through this. 

Cut The Fat 

Any keywords that are falling flat may as well be removed from the equation altogether. To check which of these are underperforming, take a look at their clicks and impressions. Remember, these are costing you some money – so pause them if they’re falling flat. 


To ensure the maximum success of your keywords, you want to regularly review and change your strategy towards keywords. Always ensure you’re moving with the audience and keep relevant to the journey of the customer. 

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2. Targeting 

PPC advertising gives you fantastic free reign to choose your target audience.

As a result though, you will need to be where the action is. You can do that by following these steps:

  • Identify where the high conversion rates are and then increase the bids 
  • Create a second campaign with similar keywords 
  • Create multiple campaigns 
  • Section your campaigns into specific geotargeted areas 

You may wish to use industry specific channels to get to people at the right times. This will increase the likelihood of your ad being seen and ultimately interacted with. 

3. Pay Attention To Your Landing Page 

The landing page is one of the areas that can make the difference between a conversion and a non conversion. Poorly optimized landing pages can easily result in bounce rates increasing, and of course – a lack of sales. 

A well designed landing page can increase conversions and generate more leads – and this is where the money can come from as an incredibly powerful selling tool. 

Here’s how you can improve the landing page:

Simplicity Of Navigation 

Making it easy for users to utilize your landing page is extremely important. If it is difficult for a user to understand and use – then it is likely that the page will fail. 

Remember, you do not want to have distractions on your landing page and you will want to make sure that the call to action buttons are obvious and easy to see and understand.

Make It Aesthetically Pleasing 

If designs are user friendly and visually pleasing, then users are far more likely to stay and make a purchase. You can make the design much more pleasing by choosing the right color scheme and theme selection. 

Test It 

Despite the look of your landing page, there may be a few errors that you have to address. To check this, test the landing page using both your desktop and mobile device. Remember, over half of all traffic will be from mobile devices.

Test out the CTA (call to action) button and ensure the page is highly optimized and visually pleasing to mobile devices. 

4. Manual Bidding 

The wrong strategy when it comes to bidding can be highly detrimental to your success. One massive and common mistake people make is choosing automatic bidding. 

The problem with this, this can lead to certain keywords being oversold and effectively, going at a much higher rate than they should. You want to avoid getting stung like this because it will be highly detrimental to your ROI too.  

There are other reasons why you should focus on manual bidding too.

They include:

  • Provides a driven focus on your keywords
  • Allows you to work in conjunction with user behaviors 
  • Can improve the click through rate (the CTR) 

In essence, if you want much more control and the ability to make adjustments to areas of your bidding – then you will want to switch over to manual bidding. 

The Bottom Line 

Optimizing PPC campaigns is an extremely important part of your advertising strategy. When it comes to bidding for keywords, this will play into it directly. 

Whilst there is no “right bid”, there are ways you can understand if you’re overpaying and if you’re selecting the high traffic keywords. 

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