What Does CPA Stand For In Marketing?

The number of acronyms in the marketing world can get overwhelming and are sometimes very difficult to stay on top of.

However, these acronyms are very important in the industry, and each one represents a very important marketing function. 

In marketing, CPA stands for cost per acquisition. This is a type of conversion rate in marketing.

This refers to the fee that a company will pay when an advert results in a sale. It can also stand for cost per action which refers to a very similar idea.

This is a cost that the company will pay for an advert that results in an action.

The action would be something beneficial to the company, like someone signing up for a newsletter.

What Does CPA Stand For?

As we’ve discussed previously, CPA stands for either Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Action.

This refers to the amount of money that a company will pay when an advertisement results in either a sale or an action. 

Why Is CPA Important? 

CPA is a type of advertising that is very important and commonly used.

It is used when a company is looking to advertise on external websites such as blogs or social media. 

There is a similar type of advertising known as CPC advertising.

This stands for Cost Per Click.

The main difference between CPA and CPC is that in CPC advertising, you simply pay a fee if someone clicks on the ad, but they don’t necessarily have to buy anything.

Both of these types of advertising are known as performance-based. This is because the interaction with the ad directly dictates the fees. 

In CPC advertising, the fee is much lower than CPA.  

When you take out a contract with a CPA advertising company, you will need to agree on the amount that will be paid for each acquisition or action beforehand. 

This type of advertising places quite a large amount of risk on the advertising company because they will need to draw in customers and achieve sales before they receive any payment.

It is a good thing to take part in for these advertisers, though, if they have some advertising space that would otherwise stay blank.

In this case, any amount of money that it brings in is a positive thing.

For the company that is advertising their products using CPA, this type of advertising is very low risk.

This is because they will only be required to pay for any ads that directly bring them money. 

Benefits Of CPA Marketing 

CPA marketing has many benefits. Let’s have a look at these benefits below: 

Easy Set Up 

You won’t need to do anything when you opt for a CPA marketing campaign.

It will be sent out almost immediately, and hopefully, you will start seeing results just as quickly. 


For the CPA network, if your ads deliver, you will receive your payment immediately. This payment can be set up via PayPal or bank transfer. 

For the company who are looking to advertise, you won’t have to make any payments unless the adverts bring in customers.

This is great because it is very low risk and you won’t have to fork out payment before you see any results. 

You Get Support 

If you choose to go down the CPA route, you will be assigned an affiliate manager in most cases.

This person will be in charge of your company’s advertising and will be able to provide you with advice and support on how to make more money. 


There are a lot of different CPA offers out there for you to choose from.

Every day, more and more companies are realizing that there is a lot of money to be made from setting up their open CPA offers.

This means that there are more and more products and services available to choose from.

Cons Of CPA Marketing 

Hard To Get Accepted 

It is quite difficult to get accepted into CPA marketing programs.

This is because the companies that provide this will want to make sure that the company they are advertising will bring in lots of traffic, resulting in profits for them. 

In order to be successful, you will need to adhere to some requirements when you register.

If you get through this stage, you will be able to qualify for CPA programs. You may need to take part in a telephone interview in order to begin. 


You also have to be careful because a lot of the CPA programs out there are scams.

Make sure that you read the terms and conditions in denial before you agree to the contract. When you reach the minimum payment threshold, you should chase up the payment.

There have been a lot of cases where the deals have been closed down because they have not paid their affiliates. 


Because there are a lot of people who find this form of marketing appealing, it is a very competitive market.

You will need to be informed if you want to make a profit from this. 

Who Can Use CPA?

CPA marketing is not suited to every business out there. Instead, it is best suited for companies that have a very wide audience and a clear product. 

If your company fits into the bullet points below, then CPA marketing is great for you and you should give it a try. 

  • The product is suitable to be promoted on the internet. 
  • The product has a competitive price and bonuses. These can be in the form of an extra gift or free shipping. 
  • You can install a pixel on your site. 
  • Your product can be shipped to a wide geographical area. 

Companies that have these things will have the most success from CPA marketing.

Final Thoughts 

CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition or Action. This type of marketing technique has many different pros and cons.

Now that you have all the information on CPA, you can decide whether it is the best marketing strategy for you!

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