What Is A Good Impressions Click-Through Rate On YouTube?

When you are trying to grow your business or presence online, there are a plethora of social media platforms that you can choose from to get started. 

For some businesses, Instagram is the best platform, however, for others, the potential for a longer-form video that is offered by YouTube makes it the ideal choice. 

What Is A Good Impressions Click-Through Rate On YouTube

When you create a channel on YouTube you gain access to YouTube Analytics which allows you access to the insights of your videos and adverts. 

Within those insights, you can view the impressions click-through rate of your content which measures how often viewers watched your videos after seeing their thumbnails. In this article, we will look at what a good impressions click-through rate is on YouTube.

Where Do Impressions Come From?

There are many places from which your videos can obtain impressions.  One of the most common ways that your video will get impressions is when someone searches YouTube and your video comes up in the results. 

This is why a strong title is important on YouTube.  Another way to get impressions on YouTube is when your video is suggested by YouTube in a recommended section. 

If you have built up a number of subscribers who have turned notifications on, you will receive impressions when they are notified that you have uploaded a new video. 

Having your video thumbnail shown in a playlist or on your channel will also help to gain impressions on YouTube.

What Is A Good Impressions Click-Through Rate On YouTube?

According to YouTube, half of all the channels on their platform have a click-through rate that hovers between 2% and 10%, however, there are a lot of channels on the platform. 

If you want your channel to stand out, you will need to gain a good impressions click-through rate.  There is no fixed percentage that equates to a good click-through rate, rather it depends on the number of views that a video has. 

On the whole, click-through rates decrease as the views of a video increase. 

In general, videos that have below 1000 views have a good impressions click-through rate if the numbers are between 25% and 35%.  If your video has between 10,000 and 20,000 views and has a click-through rate of 18% and 25%, it is doing well. 

When you reach views of between 100,000 and 200,000 a good click-through rate will be around 10% to 15%.  And if your video reaches views of over 1,000,000 a good click-through rate will be between 2% and 5%. 

These numbers are exceptional rather than average, therefore it will require strategy and analysis to be able to reach these numbers.  However, once you do, you will be able to reap the benefits of having a good impressions click-through rate. 

Are Click-Through Rates Important On YouTube?

Are Click-Through Rates Important On YouTube

Now that you know what a good impressions click-through rate looks like, it is worthwhile knowing whether these statistics are even important in the first place.  In short, yes, click-through rates are important on YouTube.

However, it is not the sole metric that should be taken into account when analyzing your channel’s reach.  

One of the most important metrics alongside click-through rate to help grow your channel is watch time.  Watch time is the amount of time a viewer spends watching your video. 

If someone clicks on your thumbnail but ends up clicking off it again in a short time span, this will do your account a disservice.  

With that being said, the click-through rate seems to be the most important aspect of your account that increases popularity and reach. 

This is why you will see many popular YouTube channels with elaborate, often photoshopped, thumbnails.  Those click-throughs can make or break the success of your platform.

How To Increase Click-Through Rate

If you are struggling to build the click-through rate of your channel, there are a few things that you can do that can help to increase your success.  There are three ways that are effective at increasing your click-through rate. 

 The easiest way to increase your click-through rate is to ensure that you have an interesting, enticing, and eye-catching video thumbnail. 

More than the title or description of your video, YouTube users will click a thumbnail if it grabs their attention.  The best way to do this is to search for videos in a similar niche to your videos and look at the thumbnails of the first three videos. 

This will give you an idea of what is currently doing well and will give you some inspiration.

Optimizing the title of your video is also a great way to increase your impressions click-through rate.  In general, the broader the terms in your title, the more competitive it will be because it will attract people outside of your specific niche. 

The same applies to optimizing your video description.  The broader the terms you use, the wider the reach your video will have and likely, the higher your click-through rate will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Might You Have More Views Than Impressions?

An impression is only made when a unique user is shown your thumbnail.  Your views increase each time your video is viewed, no matter whether it is a unique user or the same user 20 times. 

This means that your views may be significantly higher than your impressions.  

What Is The Difference Between Impressions And Clicks?

A click occurs whenever a user actually clicks on your video thumbnail.  In general, a click is a much more important measurement than impressions as it shows that people are actively and purposefully engaging with your channel and content.

Clicks can lead to conversions which is what will boost your account most.  An impression is the number of times a unique user has been shown your thumbnail

Final Thoughts

A good impressions click-through rate varies depending on the number of views that your video has.  Things such as optimizing your title and description as well as ensuring you have an interesting thumbnail can help improve your click-through rate. 

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