What Is An Anchor Link?

An anchor link is a link that appears at the end of a piece of content. We use it to make sure that we don’t lose your attention by making things too easy.

An anchor link is a link that appears when you click on the underlined text in a post.

What Is An Anchor Link?

 Anchor links can be used to promote a post as a resource, more as a personal blog post, or as a way to pass links around on your site. An anchor link is a link that is directed to a specific location in your site. 

For example, you can set up an anchor link to take people directly to a specific resource on your site. This can help visitors find their way around your site more easily.

Anchor Link Description

HTML anchor link is a link that appears as a text link, but opens a new browser window in the target document. Use it to open a new window in the current document.

When you’re looking at what an anchor link actually is, you need to look at it in two different ways. One purpose of an anchor link is a quicker way to get to the specific information you need.

This also means that you do not have to search the whole page for something small. 

The other way to look at it is like a content page. They can be used in a table to show the different areas of information. You then can click on those links in the table to take you what you want to see. 

An anchor link is one of the most powerful tools you can use to increase your search engine visibility. Learn how to make most of it.

Why Is It Important For SEO?

Some people don’t realize that anchor links are helpful for SEO because they highlight how important the different content is. It also gives your page much more structure as well and makes it far easier for people to find what they want to read about. 

How Can You Create An Anchor Link? 

Anchor links are a good way to improve the search engine rankings of your website. Find out why and how to create them. 

What Do Anchor Links Consist Of?  

Within your anchor link, you will find a unique identifier which will attach to your page elements. It is represented as id=”unique-id”. There is the second part which is the actual link where the URL consists of the hash and the unique-ID. 

Putting this into practice, if you were to have a paragraph in the middle of your article/information, you need to create an anchor link only to go to this paragraph.

You need to create a unique-ID to this paragraph, then find the element and add the unique-ID you made and add it to the element tag.

When Should You Use Anchor Links?

These are some of the most effective ways to use anchor links in your work and articles! 

Table Of Contents

If you use a table of contents in your work it will be much easier for people to use and help them navigate through. It can be really frustrating for people when they only want a bit of information from you and they have to go through it all.

This will minimize the time spent doing this and it works the exact same way as a book. 

One Page Format

Similar to the table of contents, if it is a one page format, you can have a navigation menu to help your users go through the page how they like and pick what they want to read about and be redirected to.

For this it is slightly different though because it is only a one page format. Therefore, you need to have the anchor and the anchor links. 

What Is An Anchor Link?

Scroll Up

Not everything is about scrolling down the page. There is also the issue of getting back to the top quicker. If you are reading quite far down and you need to look at something again at the top, you can create a scroll to the top option too.

This is known to improve the users experience and just make their lives a bit easier when using your site. 


If you’re someone starting out with a website or a blog, these are some really important features you need to know about to improve your viewers experience.

You want the experience to be nice and easy for them, so they are more likely to come back. If it is really difficult to use and doesn have tools to help you navigate the page quicker, they are more likely to go somewhere else. 

This is also quite important for your SEO analysis because it will involve lots more internal links on your pages as well all linking together. This is really what you’re aiming for if you have a lot of one page formats. 

Hopefully this article has helped you understand the real importance of these small little jobs – especially when you’re starting out.

You need all of the basic tools to really lift how advanced your page is. In modern society, people like things to be quick and simple and they don’t want to spend too much time trying to find something because humans get frustrated and bored looking.

Make it easier and create the tools and give your viewers a good experience. 

Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Difference Between A Hyperlink And Anchor Text?

To be brief, the hyperlink is the actual link. However, the anchor link is something slightly different.

The anchor link is the text or name given to the link when the hyperlink is added which can help with your internal links that will put you ahead in terms of SEO. 

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