What Is An Example Of An Effective Callout Extension? 

Callout extensions are used in modern online advertising, and play an important role in getting across necessary information to potential customers. 

But what exactly are callout extensions, and how are they used within the industry? 

What Is An Example Of An Effective Callout Extension 

What Are Callout Extensions? 

Within modern online advertising, ads often have various pieces of information beneath them, and these are callout extensions. 

These can include, but are not limited to, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and key words designed to attract customers and optimize the ads to reach the largest audience. 

These are also used to promote specific and unique offers to customers, such as ‘free shipping’, and ‘24 hour customer service’, and are widely used to entice and incentivise customers to engage positively with the ad. 

What Does An Effective Example Look Like? 

There are many things that can be incorporated into a callout extension to make it effective at attracting new customers. 


If the company, brand, or product is made and based in the United States (or any other country), then push that fact to the domestic market of said country. 

If there is one thing that people appreciate, it is domestically made products. People like to support locality, support domestic workers, not to mention home grown trade. 


If you have the capacity for free shipping, then you should include this in the callout extension. This will make it seem more attractive, and will ensure that those normally put off by expensive shipping costs will click on the ad. 

Likewise, if you offer global shipping, or shipping to specific regions – such as the UK, mainland Europe, and South America, then this should be pointed out in the extension.

The domestic market isn’t your only one, and you want to try and incentivize as many customers from as many nationalities as possible. 

Customer Support

One thing that puts potential customers off is untrustworthy companies and products. When some customers see a random ad on their favorite website, they might immediately consider it suspicious. 

As such, offering attentive customer support can be a good way of not only improving your chances of attracting new customers, but also making sure they feel comfortable and secure doing business with you. 

Promises Of Quality

References to high quality products, or indeed unmatched quality, is a good tagline to include, and could perhaps even persuade potential customers to take a look at your wares. 

Deals & Discounts

Finally, if there is one thing that can entice new customers, it is the promise of deals and discounts on quality items. 

Of course, the appeal of this still depends on the product in question. If it is clothing, then this is a more general item that people might check out, whereas if you are offering a specific service, this will still only be checked out by those who require it. 

However, promising a low price tag, or money off with a discount code can be a great way to improve any ad, and should always be made reference to in the extension.

Just make sure not to put the code in the extension, as the whole point is to get potential customers to click on the link. 

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What Are The Benefits? 

There are several key benefits when it comes to callout extensions. 


Firstly, good callout extensions have been proven to improve and increase the efficacy of ads, and when done right can be a great way to entice new customers to click on your ad and check out the products or services you are selling. 


One of the best things about callout extensions is that they do not cost anything to add them to your online advertisements. This essentially means that you stand to attain more customers and traffic without having to pay a single penny. 

Increased Traffic

People are less likely to click on a vague link with no details, whereas an ad that has great callout extensions can be a good way of increasing those all important clicks to your website or homepage. 

This is not a guarantee, but it is one of the best ways (other than placing location) to improve traffic and potentially secure new customers. 

Quality Scores

If your ad is effective, and has the correct and relevant keywords tagged on, then your ad can attain a good quality score. 

A higher quality score results in better ad ranking, and can ensure you are more trusted, and perhaps most importantly, seen, by as many customers as possible.

How To Create A Callout Extension

The process for creating a callout extension is also pretty simple, and can be broken down into steps. 

Step One

Begin by visiting your Google Ads account, and clicking on ‘ads and extensions’ in the left page menu. 

Step Two

Click ‘extensions’ at the top of the page, and then click on the ‘+’ button. Once you have done this, click ‘callout extensions’ from the given options. 

Step Three

In the ‘add to’ drop down menu, choose the specific level you want to apply the extension to. This could be the whole account, the specific campaign, or the group to which the ad belongs. 

The option for creating a new extension can be seen there already, and to further customize, you can select ‘advanced options’ to make specifications about device type etc. 

Step Four

Once you have done this, the final step is to save the callout extension, ensuring your hard work and specifications will be added to your chosen ads. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about callout extensions, and what should be included to have the maximum effect. 

These are widely used in online ads, and provide an important role to the whole effectiveness of the process – something that is quite remarkable for a free function that is oh so simple to set up. 

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