What Is An Impression On Instagram?

There are so many different terms that companies use to describe different aspects of advertising on social media.

Impressions, engagements, and conversions are all really important, but how do they all differ from each other? If you’ve put content up on Instagram, you will of course want as many people to see it as possible so that they can engage with your posts, more people see it, and more people are going to show an interest in your brand and products.

what is an impression on instagram

But what is an impression on Instagram?

This is the question that we are going to answer for you today! We’re going to tell you everything that you need to know about Instagram impressions so that you can fully understand them, and how this impacts your visibility on Instagram.

We’ll cover everything from what an impression is on Instagram, what the difference is between an impression and a view, whether impressions are important, and many more.

So let’s take a look at everything we need to know about impressions on Instagram!

What Is An Impression On Instagram?

If you’re keen to look at your social media page’s engagement stats, then it can be confusing to see why the impressions are always higher than likes, comments, and views.

So what exactly is an impression? The term “impression” is used across all different types of social media to describe how many times someone has seen your content.

So for a standard photo post on Instagram, the impressions counter is just saying how many times your content has appeared in someone’s feed.

It doesn’t mean the same as an engagement, where someone has physically engaged with your post, either by liking it or interacting with it in another way.

While this might not sound as important as engagement – after all, you need people to engage with your content so that they’re more likely to purchase your products – impressions are very important.

They are a great way to expose your brand to a new audience, in the hopes that they will then like what they see, and invest in your products.

Ultimately the more impressions you have on a post, the better it’s doing, because it’s been seen by more people who are interested in the type of stuff you are posting.

What’s The Difference Between Impressions And Views On Instagram?

What’s The Difference Between Impressions And Views On Instagram

The main difference between impressions and views is that an impression denotes how many times your content has been shown to different people, whereas views denotes how many times someone has clicked on to your reel or video to watch the content.

So you should notice that your views on Instagram are much lower than your impressions.

So even though they look like completely different things, the two are related. With video content, you will want it to be seen by lots of different people so that more people are likely to click through and watch the whole video.

Views usually also refers to the amount of times that a single unique account has viewed your content, whereas impressions will be the total number of times that your content has been shown to others.

Are Impressions Important On Instagram?

Yes, impressions are important on Instagram. It’s nothing to worry about if impressions are higher than your engagement.

Impressions are important because it shows that people are seeing your content, and it’s a great way to gauge which content people are more likely to be shown, and what people are more likely to interact with.

You can use your impressions to better gauge the kind of content you should be sharing on your Instagram account. Sometimes the impressions and engagement will do naturally well through the use of hashtags, or even if loads of people have liked your post.

Instagram’s algorithm will understand that people like this content, want to see this content, and be more likely to show it to other people who like similar things.

By looking at all of your impressions and engagement figures, you can also adjust the content that you post to Instagram. If a particular style of content has done really well, you can then brainstorm other types of content that are similar.

How Do You Get An Impression On Instagram?

So how exactly do you get an impression on Instagram? The main way that you can do this organically is to make use of appropriate hashtags.

This is how people can search for things that they like. So if you use lots of relevant hashtags on your post, this content will then show up on other people’s Instagram accounts when they search that hashtag.

Another way to boost an impression on Instagram is to share your post in your Instagram stories. Sometimes the algorithm won’t show everyone when you post something new.

By checking the stories that are available to view, you can show your new posts to your followers, and therefore encourage them to click through and engage with your post.

One of the more effective ways to get impressions on Instagram is to use Instagram ads. This will cost you and your business some money in adverts, however, it is an excellent way to expose your content to potential customers.

You can target a set demographic of people who you know like your products, and aim it at people who have similar interests. You can also use Instagram ads to target people who have shown an interest in your competition’s Instagram content.

When it comes to using Instagram ads, it will be best to do a couple of experiments with the audience that you target to see which demographic is more likely to see and engage with your content.

In Summary

So there you have it! You now know that an impression on Instagram is the number of times that someone has seen your content, but not engaged with it.

Your impressions will always be higher than your engagements. However, by working on increasing your impressions, you can work on exposing more people to your content, and therefore increasing the likelihood of engagements, and eventual conversions.

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