What Is My Analytics?

If you want to boost your productivity at work, but are at a loss for things that you can do to help yourself, then consider looking into My Analytics.

What Is My Analytics?

My Analytics is an application on Microsoft that can track all of your progress at work, including time you’ve spent focusing intently, time you’ve had a quiet day, and when you’ve worked with others. 

Many of us have no real idea or feedback about our progress in work without the aid of a manager to tell us that we’re doing a good job, but if you want a far closer insight into your workday, to micromanage your progress, then keep reading, as we take a look at My Analytics below. 

What Is My Analytics? 

If you’re wondering what My Analytics consists of, then we’ve got the breakdown for you here. Essentially, My Analytics boosts productivity in the workplace by analysing how much time you spend doing each different task. 

It uses data which is found within your calendar, along with your emails. By tracking the time you spend doing different things on Microsoft, it’s able to tell you or your employee the speed at which you perform each day and if there are any variations. 

What Kind Of Things Can It Track? 

If you’re wondering what exactly My Analytics can track, then we’ve got a summary of all of the different features that it contains.

What Kind Of Things Can It Track?

These different sections look at time spent in meetings, hours spent focusing, time spent with emails, and hours put in after work. Keep reading to find out more about the different elements that My Analytics can track. 

  • Time Overview – This gives a very basic overview of how much time you actually spend at work. It gives a breakdown of the hours that you’ve spent in meetings, along with time that you’ve spent responding and reading emails, hours that you’ve spent focusing on your work, and any time that you’ve spent working outside of regular work hours. 
  • Network Section – As you may have already guessed, the network section is responsible for providing insight into who your most frequent collaborators are. My Analytics will list the top people that you communicate with. 
  • Meetings – The meetings section shows how much time you spend per day in meetings. Not only this, but it also shows you how your time is managed within those meetings, for example, time that is spent multitasking. 
  • Email – The email section will show you how much time you spend emailing other people, as well as the time that you spend searching through your inbox yourself. You can purchase an add on for this feature, which will give you activity cards which are based on your recent work experience. 
  • Focus Hours – The section dedicated to focus hours will show you the time that you use working independently from others. This will consist of your work hours outside of meeting times. Focus hours have been defined by companies as consisting of two hours of work or more outside of meetings. 
  • After Hours – The after hours function will show you how much time you spend on your computer after work, logging in any extra hours that you choose to do. This is a good feature because it lets you know if you’re spending too much time at your desk, allowing you to achieve a greater balance between work and life. 

What Data Does It Use? 

In order to find out all of this information, and to provide you with a detailed analysis of your typical work day, My Analytics uses several different sources of data to provide you with the correct information. 

One of the sources that it uses to find out the information is your email, including metadata about how you interact with it, and the body of emails sent themselves. 

Another source used by My Analytics is your calendar, which will have all of your upcoming meetings and events stored within. It will take into account how you have marked your attendance for different meetings, and the number of people in attendance. 

It also takes into account visual calls such as Microsoft Teams and Skype, which shows the amount of calls that you’ve taken on any given day, as well as how long each of these calls lasted. 

Finally, it also looks at your OneDrive, which will show My Analytics how long you spend working on different documents and folders. This will likely account for most of your ‘Focus Time’. 

What Is The Wellbeing Section Within My Analytics?

One of the benefits of downloading My Analytics is that it shows you exactly how much time you spend working each day, and if you might potentially be overdoing it. It asks you if you’re able to recharge and disconnect from work. 

For example, if you spend an evening working very late, then it will give you a reminder that you’re compromising the time that you should be spending recharging. You need the time to recharge in order to perform at your best the next day, and My Analytics places great importance on this. 

The way it determines if you’re working late is by paying attention to your ‘Quiet Hours’, these are the times when you work on documents, send emails, or attend meetings outside of your regular work hours.

This is imperative as people who work overtime are proven to experience far higher levels of anxiety and stress. 

Final Thoughts

My Analytics is a great tool for employers and employees who want a more detailed breakdown of their work days. My Analytics can be helpful in a number of different ways, including informing the user when they need to take time to relax outside of work hours.

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