What Is Technical Marketing?

In a world of acceleration and change, marketing teams and specialists need to stay up to date and current. Even the most on-trend innovation of today has the potential to be left behind tomorrow.

What Is Technical Marketing

Marketing and advertising specialists need to implement savvy techniques in order to promote products and services to their specific target audience.

Technical marketing is a proven means of doing just that. In this article, we will highlight exactly what technical marketing is and how to use it.

Having the inside scoop is an essential aspect of marketing, and technical marketing gets you inside and behind the curtain to ensure whatever it is you are intending to sell, does in fact sell. 

What Is Technical Marketing?

Technical marketing, in essence, is a strategic means of promoting a specific service or product.

Instead of broad (and often vague) marketing strategies that aim to attract customers from a wide variety of places, technical marketing is more tailored.

Often, it will involve, promoting the technical parts of a product or service that potential customers with knowledge of the subject will understand and connect with. 

Using product/ service-specific jargon could be one way for technical marketing strategists to get through to their target market.

There are certain keywords and phrases that knowledgeable people will understand about a product or service, and technical marketing will intentionally describe products using these. 

Why Is Technical Marketing Important?

Technical marketing is an important marketing strategy for your business because it targets clued-on customers.

While general marketing may be useful for bringing in new customers, vague information isn’t going to fly with customers who know what they are looking for.

These kinds of customers will require more detailed information about your product or service and that’s where technical marketing steps in. 

An example of this would be a professional photographer searching for more in-depth technical information about a certain camera type than a novice one.

If a professional photographer can not find the detailed information they are looking for, they will move on to another brand of camera that can offer them such information. 

What Are Technical Marketing Techniques?

Learning the technical marketing techniques that marketing experts use to attract customers will give you the keys to doing the same.

Each of the techniques below is technical marketing at its very best, ready to be implemented today and help you make money tomorrow.

Technical SEO

If you’ve never heard of it, SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is a very crucial part of technical marketing. SEO is all about getting your website to the number one spot on a search engine website like Google.

Technical SEO is slightly different in that it describes a behind-the-scenes style of SEO.

SEO aspects that come under the technical marketing blanket include creating a mobile-friendly site, fixing duplicate content issues, and using SSL.

Another key component is making sure the website runs smoothly and in a timely fashion.

This is all to ensure that your website is primed to rank high on search engines. 

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

As its name suggests, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is any form of paid online advertising.

Every time a potential customer clicks through an online advertisement of yours, you will be charged a small fee for the pleasure.

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PPC advertising is a highly effective technical marketing strategy that transforms clicks into sales.

You may want to set up a PPC advert on a search engine like Google or a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram, all very popular choices. 

If you are considering a career in this style of technical marketing, you will need a high level of analytical knowledge and skills.

The job involves spending a lot of time crunching numbers, devising plans, and creating spreadsheets that will show the progress of your current PPC advertising campaigns.

If you are not a numbers person, it is unlikely that you will enjoy a career in pay-per-click advertising. 

Data Analysis 

Data analysis is the way in which you are able to offer information that is easy for people to digest and recognize.

Data that is shown through mediums like pie charts and pictures is easy for directors and top-level management to understand and make decisions on. 

Marketing strategists and employees that are able to construct data that is visual in its presentation are incredibly valuable members of the marketing team. Directors don’t have the time to sift through large documents of data, and data analysis cuts straight to the case. 

Technical Writing

Technical writing is a subsidiary of technical marketing that involves simplifying complex ideas in order for them to be understood by an audience.

Technical writing will typically involve writing up knowledge-based information about a product or service. Technical writing is not designed to bring in new customers.

On the contrary, it is purposed with keeping hold of existing customers.

Technical writing is an important aspect of technical marketing that technical marketers should know how to do well.

This style of marketing is about educating customers about products and offering specific directions and explanations.

If you are looking to get into technical writing and marketing, you will benefit from keen research credentials. 


Though you don’t need to be a coding expert to become a technical marketing specialist, it certainly helps to have basic knowledge of the subject.

Even if it is purely to be able to communicate with the coding and programming team within the company you work for, this won’t go unnoticed.

Common coding that you may want to consider learning includes HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and even Python. All of these are valuable for a digital marketer who wants a good knowledge of the industry from the inside out.


As you can see, technical marketing has many layers and they are all important.

Whether you are looking to implement technical marketing techniques into your own company, or you are considering a career in the industry, we hope this article has been a useful one.

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