What’s Provided By Responsive Display Ads?

If you have dabbled in the realms of Google advertising, then chances are that you’ve heard of responsive display ads. These are some of the most impressive advertising formats that have been produced, and they show up on the Google Display Network. 

What’s Provided By Responsive Display Ads?

They are a highly visual form of advertising, and use bright images, logos, headings, and descriptions to stand out from the crowd. Google does all of the work for you, and mixes all of these different elements together to create the perfect combination for your ad.

 If you want to try out this process yourself, then keep reading, as we explore the world of responsive display advertising below. 

How Do Responsive Display Ads Work? 

If you’re wondering how exactly responsive display ads work, they essentially allow you to upload a host of different features to create an automatic generation. You will be responsible for uploading the images, the logos, the videos, the headlines and the descriptions. 

It is recommended that you upload at least five of each, and then after you have done this, Google will automatically mix and match them together, in order to find the best visual advertisement for your business.

This allows you, as the user, to just sit back and relax whilst all of the work is done for you. 

What Are The Benefits Of Responsive Display Ads? 

If you’ve been wondering if it’s worth getting the responsive display ads provided by google, you probably want to find out more about some of the benefits that it provides. Below, we take a look at some of the key benefits that responsive display ads provide. 

1. Time-Saving 

Time saving is definitely one of the main benefits of responsive display ads. Creating the perfect advertisement display can be incredibly time consuming, especially for small businesses that have a lot of different components to take care of.

Instead of creating a whole host of different ads that all need to fit a specific size and CTA, there are lots of landscape and square sizes that you are able to choose from.

Instead of resizing the items yourself, Google will instead do all the work for you, and automatically resize the ad based on the inventory slot. 

This will save you and your design team a lot of hassle, as you don’t need to worry about creating tons of different size options for the same ad. 

2. Reach A Wider Audience 

Another benefit of using Responsive Display Ads is that you’re able to reach a wider audience. Because you are able to upload a series of different headings, descriptions, logos, and images, Google will automatically find the very best combination to use on any given device. 

This means that whether your audience is viewing your advertisement on a mobile device, tablet, or PC, that they’ll be able to access it and engage with your campaign. 

3. You Can Include Videos

What’s Provided By Responsive Display Ads?

Another one of the benefits of responsive display ads is that you’re able to include videos into the mix, which will allow you to maximize your reach on the Display Network.

When Google thinks that a video might be a better replacement for an image in order to drive traffic to your advertisement, it will automatically conduct that replacement for you. 

This means that ultimately, more people will be likely to engage with your advertisement campaign, and subsequently bring in more customers. 

4. You Can Use It With Feeds

Another benefit of using responsive display ads is that you’re able to show your advertisement in both a static and dynamic format by adding a feed to your campaign. 

Responsive ads will show your customers advertisements that are based on their own personal history, and so if they have previously viewed a product or service provided by your website, then they will continue to see these advertisements when they’re online.

You own and control this feed. 

Why Choose Responsive Display Ads? 

If you’re not completely convinced that responsive display ads are the way forward in driving traffic to your advertisements, then consider the following points, which might change your mind. 

  • Reach – One of the most important aspects of responsive advertising is that they reach such a wide audience. They run on the Google Display Network, which consists of Youtube, Gmail, apps, and over 35 billion websites.

Because of this, it is possible for your advertisement to reach a large audience. In addition, it also resizes the fonts and banners for you, so that your potential customers will be able to engage with you over a range of different devices. 

  • Simplicity – Another one of the reasons why so many people are choosing to use responsive display ads is purely because of their simplicity. You just need to upload your images, logos, and videos, and your copy, consisting of your headers and descriptions. 

After you’ve done this, Google will meld them together, and help you to find your perfect design. Whether you want something simple and straightforward, or something more elaborate, Google can help you to reach your goals with your advertisement. 

  • Automation – Google will use your brand’s history, as well as those created by others, to assess what will be successful in an advertising campaign. You will be able to learn more about advertising too, simply by witnessing what is deemed to be successful, and what isn’t. 

Final Thoughts

Responsive display ads are truly the way forward when it comes to advertising. Instead of having to stress over finding the perfect combination of headings, descriptions, and images, Google does all the work for you.

By opting to choose this system, it will save you a great deal of time, as well as driving more traffic to your advert.

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