Why PPC Is Important – Using PPC Marketing To Boost Success (Everything You Need To Know)

Advertising can make or break a business or a new product line. In the past, this is what made marketing companies or departments so important, as without them there might be a slump in sales that could directly affect the companies profits.

Why PPC Is Important – Using PPC Marketing To Boost Success (Everything You Need To Know)

In the modern day, there are now more options to market a product that are not directly linked to a contractual marketing firm, and a lot of these appear on the internet.

One of the biggest methods of modern advert campaigns is through the use of PPC.

But what exactly is PPC? And why is it so important to a product’s marketing success? In this article, we will look at PPC and how to use it to make something successful, both online and offline.

What Is PPC?

PPC stands for ‘Pay Per Click’ and it is a kind of online advertising that is used a lot nowadays, especially by companies like Google.

This type of advertising means that the advertiser has to pay the website, app, or content creator every time the advert placed on or in their online content has been clicked on by a user.

This may sound a bit confusing, but we will give an example of how this works through the largest method of advertising on the internet: Google Ads.

When you want to start an advertising campaign on Google Ads, you create an account, an advert, a website to link to that advert, and then you begin searching for keywords.

Keywords are the way in which Google knows to display your adverts to the user. As an advertiser, you will bid on keywords or key phrases – like if you were selling a new laptop, you may want the keywords to be ‘Best Laptops’.

If a user types in these keywords, or they type in a phrase and your keywords (the ones you bid on) are the most relevant, then your advert will appear.

(Alternatively, your advert will be placed on websites relevant to your product in addition to the search engine).

Then, when the user clicks on your advert, they will be redirected to your website for your product, and you will pay a fee to the person or company who owns the website, search engine, or app for displaying your ad.

The most common type of PPC is the paid ad in a search, like when you get ads in Google Search Engine results. The reason is that these adverts are the easiest to tailor adverts to and the most likely to be clicked on.

For example, if you are searching for ‘underwear’ and the first thing that appears in the search engine is an advert result saying ‘underwear – 20% off!’, you would be tempted to click on it – we know we would.

As such, many advertisers will go for search engine results ads above all other kinds of adverts.

Why Is PPC So Important?

If you are a small business, thinking about advertising to increase your audience, you may be considering various different types of adverts to employ.

PPC may be one of these, but you may be wary about paying for it without proven results.

Well, we are going to show you the way PPC has become so important to success in the business market and why you should use it:

PPC Is Targeted To Your Audience

When you use physical advertisements, like billboards or TV adverts, it is like leaving a crab pot on the ocean floor.

Unless you have a lot of crabs (customers) in the area already, then you are relying on wanderers to pass by and enter your pot.

Since many people are not like crabs and often only pay a passing glance to these adverts, it’s probably not going to help you.

Why PPC Is Important – Using PPC Marketing To Boost Success (Everything You Need To Know)

However, PPC adverts are targeted to keywords your potential new customers use. A keyword is tailored to your customer’s taste.

If they are looking for a laptop that you sell, and you bid on keywords related to laptops, then your advert will appear when they type in the search engine about laptops.

Since they are already looking, the likelihood they click on your advert increases exponentially.

While this would never work in the real world, the online world is full of billions of searches per day, meaning that these targeted ads will constantly target new people, making your potential customer base limitless.

PPC Is Immediate

SEO takes time to come to fruition, sometimes months, and this is true with other ad campaigns as well. Not so for PPC.

Due to it being targeted and with the amount of users clicking, PPC can see results in minutes, and you may start making sales by the end of your first day of campaigning.


For small businesses, marketing is normally a gamble. You are paying through the nose for an advertising campaign that could fail and will normally take months to see results for.

With PPC, you can limit the money you spend to simply the advert you make and the amount you bid on keywords.

With no extra cost, you can keep a campaign going indefinitely and even increase or decrease the amount you spend on it.


Your ads are there, and they will reappear as much as someone types in a new set of keywords. While people write individually from a group, they tend to stick to the same writing patterns.

This means it’s likely that someone who didn’t click on your advert before or clicked but didn’t buy, will see the advert again and decide to buy this time.

How To Make PPC Effective For My Business?

The best way to make PPC effective is to stay on top of it and check it regularly, maybe a few times a day.

The biggest online advertisement company, Google, through Google Ads, provides constant analytics related to your ad campaign and how well it is doing.

You can use these to keep track of your advertisements and see how well they are progressing.

These statistics keep track of most things from the number of clicks your adverts have received to your keyword search to even the conversion rate of your adverts.

If you use these to track your campaign, you can manage and edit it on the go and make sure it is helping your business or being as successful as you want it to be.

Is one of your keywords performing receiving clicks, but another one doesn’t? Maybe put more money into the successful one and less into the failing one.

Does there seem to be a seasonal boost to your campaign, but it doesn’t do well at other times of year? Then, maybe hold your campaign back until those times of year.

By keeping track of everything, you can make sure your ad campaign is helping your business and not hindering it.


PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and it is one of the most important methods of advertising in the modern day.

It allows small businesses (and large ones) to advertise easily and effectively to a targeted audience without running up enormous bills to an advertising company or to pay for a big campaign themselves.

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