Why Should Your Business Use A Performance Planner?

Businesses utilize various advertising methods in order to enhance their brand awareness prior to generating leads for the brand.

Why Should Your Business Use A Performance Planner

Google’s advertising campaigns are one of the best methods of optimizing advertising for conversions.

This platform provides numerous tools that can be efficiently utilized in order to enhance the overall efficiency of an ad campaign.

This article explores one specific tool that Google uses to maximize the benefit of their ad campaigns. This is known as a performance planner.

What Is A Performance Planner?

Performance planner is a plan that can be created by advertisers in order to track the overall performance of their advertising campaigns.

Ad creators are able to develop plans suited to their budget and implement adjustments to their ads according to specific business requirements.

Once plans have been adjusted and updated accordingly, advertisers are able to see how various changes will impact their ad performance.

This ensures that advertisers are able to run ads that allow for maximum development and conversion rates.

How Does A Performance Planner Work?

Performance planner works by analyzing trends within Google Search, Display Ads, and other tools that are provided by Google. It also analyzes competitor activity within your specific market alongside other metrics.

Then, it takes these metrics and provides users with an update once a day, notifying them of relevant ad auctions while optimizing ad budgets.

The use of machine learning ensures that performance can be forecasted, and relevant campaign types can be implemented correctly.

This drastically improves different aspects of an ad campaign ranging from budget to ad copy.

What Do I Need To Use A Performance Planner?

There are specific requirements that campaigns need to meet in order to create a performance planner that efficiently serves your business goals. The requirements for the following campaigns are listed below.

Search Campaigns 

  • At least one of the following strategies needs to be implemented: enhanced CPC, max clicks, ROAS, target CPA, manual CPC, or max conversions. 
  • A minimum running time of 72 hours per campaign.
  • A minimum of 3 clicks per week prior to any analysis. 
  • Campaigns that are focused on conversion with at least one conversion within the last 7 days.

Shopping Campaigns

  • At least 100 conversions within the last 7 days.
  • Minimum of 10 conversions within the last 10 days.
  • Campaign activity for the last 10 days with a minimum of $10 spent from the overall budget.

Ineligible Campaigns For A Performance Planner

Campaigns that have been deleted, or are in a draft state are not eligible for performance planner.

Campaigns that have been altered in order to meet eligibility requirements with a running time of under 10 days are also ineligible for performance planner.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Performance Planner?

There are numerous reasons why a performance planner is beneficial for your business. The reasons have been outlined below. 

1. Ensures That You Can Predict Overall Performance 

This toll ensures that you can forecast the performance of your ad campaigns outcomes and make adjustments accordingly.

Many people will want to make adaptations to their PPC ad campaigns, but they often worry about how this may impact the ad’s overall performance.

Why Should Your Business Use A Performance Planner

Using this tool allows you to make adjustments to your budget decisions alongside numerous other factors without impacting your overall campaign in a negative manner.

You will inherently obtain an enhanced understanding of the potential impact that these changes will have on conversions and clicks, and prevent any mishaps.

You will also be able to assess how these changes may impact your spending. Thus, you will save copious amounts of money, time, and effort when using a performance planner.

Most importantly, you will be able to increase your conversion rate by predicting your ad’s performance prior to making any adjustments to your campaign. 

2. Removes The Need For Guesswork

You do not need to make assumptions about which adjustments will work best for your overall campaign performance.

This is because using a performance planner enables you to make decisions based on real insights that are backed by the data.

This ensures that you are able to efficiently make budget decisions and drive traffic towards your business by maximizing the efficiency and directionality of your ad campaigns.

3. Ensures That You Can Maximize Your Budget

Using a performance planner ensures that you are able to determine the most efficient way to optimize your ad budget to enhance your overall growth.

By using a variety of combinations to maximize your budget around various PPC campaigns, you will discover how efficient your budget is for your ad campaign performance.


To conclude, using a performance planner is an excellent means of maximizing the potential of your ad campaign.

This tool helps you to correctly interpret data, forecasting how any changes made to your ad campaign will impact the overall performance of the ads contained within your campaign.

It is important to note that while this is a highly efficient tool to use for your business goals, your displays ads, search ads, and other forms of advertisement will also need to fall within a specific criteria in order for this tool to be used.

You should also ensure that you are creating the highest quality of advertisements to boost your overall ad performance.

Using projected performance strategies will enable you to make relevant changes and adjustments to your budget in a way that ensures that you are able to implement the best budget to maximize your potential conversion rates.

Analyzing metrics prior to making other changes to your ad campaign is always recommended as making rash decisions can impact the overall performance of your ad campaign.

Thus, using a performance planner removes the need for guesswork which means that you need to use less time, money, and effort when obtaining the best results for your individual brand or business.

If you are looking to achieve your business goals without making unnecessary errors in your marketing campaigns, then performance planner is the right tool to use. Thank you for reading.

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